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Managing all facets of the production process.

Specialized equipment build-to-print, design-and-build project, or as a contract manufacturing scenario, here's how we manage the production process:

  1. A Project Manager and Sales Engineer are assigned to the project.
  2. Onsite visit by GEM team is conducted.
  3. Kickoff meeting to establish project plan, project criteria, and ironclad project milestones.
  4. Project communication frequency and method are established.
  5. Manufacturing and project progress reviews begin.
  6. Assembly and testing processes are completed.
  7. Acceptance is conducted to ensure quality, delivery, price and responsiveness.
  8. Finished product including revision-controlled documentation is shipped.
  9. Post-sale support; equipment installation, training, global warranty service is provided.
  10. Follow -up call to ensure continued satisfaction.
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