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Western Quality at Asia Based Cost.

To support the growing demand for low-cost manufacturing, GEM can outsource engineering and manufacturing services to our twin facility in Bangkok, Thailand.

U.S supervision in our Asian facility ensures: 1. Intellectual Property Control. 2. High Quality. 3. On-time Delivery.

With GEM’s presence in the Pacific Rim, we manage risk to doing business overseas for you. We provide seamless, secure, and low-cost manufacturing of your equipment, in addition to service, maintenance, installation and relocation, repair, or warranty.

What you’ll get when you work with GEM’s Thailand operation:

Protection of your intellectual property.

GEMT is 100% owned and operated by GEM USA so Management can securely control the facility to ensure the details of your project are under lock and key at all times.

Highly skilled technicians
and sales staff.

We’ve applied our “Bridge Strategy” to transfer lean manufacturing knowledge and experience to our facility’s experts.

No communication

We’re staffed with English-speaking management to ensure seamless dialogue.

Mirror systems and processes.

GEM's Thailand and Dayton facilities utilize identical design and ERP systems and are both ISO9000:2000 Certified.

Thailand Board of Investment Promoted

GEMT is BOI promoted so we control the import tax structure of your projects – and pass the savings to you.

No need to find
an overseas supplier.

Our facility is already established, saving you time in finding a third party outsourcer. Pacific Rim customers enjoy the benefits of regional manufacturing and local support.

Stable government
and currency.

Unlike many countries in the Pacific Rim, Thailand’s government and currency are stable. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be there.

Extended work day.

Opposite time zones means GEM is working for you around the clock.

Low turnover.

GEMT is Thai Labor Standard Certified. This means Low turnover, which keeps labor costs down so we can keep your costs down.


We may be on foreign soil, but you’re still dealing with a domestic company you can trust.

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