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A current complete build-to-print project is our role in building the PackBot EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) robot from iRobot.
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GEM Thailand

Seamless, Secure, Low-cost.

From manufacturing to service, repair and installation — with GEM’s presence in the Pacific Rim, there’s no risk to doing business overseas.

Vistek Medical

Vistek Medical, Inc., based in Ivyland (Philadelphia), PA, is a contract manufacturer of orthopedic medical devices, such as small bone implants, as well as precision, custom medical instruments.

What our Customers Are Saying
Aircraft Braking Systems Manufacturer
“. . . thanks for your confidence and responsiveness. This is one of the reasons we continue to increase business with GEMCITY . . .”
What our Customers Are Saying

Defense Robotics Manufacturer
“The GEM Team in Dayton, Ohio responded on Monday to an urgent request from the US Army Pacific Command . . . A terrific response from the GEM Team . . . resulted in the repair being completed on Monday . . . back to the Army Monday night. It is our understanding that this CUGV will be sent to Japan so that the US Army Pacific Command can support the Japan recovery effort.”
What our Customers Are Saying

Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer
““…the quality rating has exceeded the goal of 98 points . . . we would like to commemorate this achievement with the attached certificate signed by our CEO . . . we hope that you are as proud of yourselves as we are of you and all the hard work that the GEM team has put into making this project a success. CONGRATULATIONS, many thanks and best wishes for the holiday season and on into the new year.”
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